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Quality policy

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Hoteles Toledo's quality policy

We are what we do, day by day; so that excellence is not an act, but a habit (Aristotle).

Restoledo SL has a plan, to improve its results through Total quality and we greatly trust the transforming power of our team to achieve our goals. We are a for-profit company and we seek to maximize our benefits with the resources available to us, but we firmly believe that only through a Quality service and applying the following principles will we be viable and sustainable over time.

  1. Quality is part of our long-term strategy and supports the sustainability of the business.
  2. We understand Quality, not as a burden, but as a method that helps us achieve our results. The higher the quality, the lower the costs and the higher the productivity.
  3. Continuous improvement in services and processes is the way to survive in a scenario as changing as the current one.
  4. Comply with legal requirements, keeping the applicable legislation updated and carrying out periodic evaluations for its compliance.
  5. Be jointly responsible for saving energy and natural resources, reducing and managing waste, as well as respecting and protecting our cultural and social environment.
  6. Be transparent by promoting internal communication at all levels of the organization and also externally.

For this we commit to:

  1. Establish objectives and goals to promote the continuous improvement of our services.
  2. Seek the achievement of sustainable development objectives in the relationship with our customers, suppliers and other organizations to protect and improve the environment.
  3. Maintain and periodically review all our facilities to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.
  4. Train and motivate our main asset, people, who make a difference and are the main value of our business.
  5. Exceed the expectations of our clients with a personalized service, anticipating their needs and creating links with them.

The management of RESTOLEDO SL is responsible for complying with this policy, reviewing it every year and encouraging the participation of the team, clients and other actors to achieve their commitment.

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