Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Hoteles Toledo
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Hoteles Toledo's Corporate Social Responsibility

"If the company does not take into account the impact it generates on its environment, it is not only avoiding its responsibility, it is doing damage to itself".

We aspire to be a benchmark, whether you are a customer, supplier, employee or local entity, we are capable of projecting our values and communicating them, being aware of our responsibility as a company and the impact of our decisions. In our DNA we will always try to make our economic development compatible. with social commitment and respect for the environment.

These are our principles:

  1. Good governance and corporate ethics. Adopt all measures to be aware of, comply with, and promote all current legislation on the environment, labor risks, finances, and human rights.
  2. People and internal Corporate development. Promote the personal, labor and social development of all workers by encouraging their training and professional training and ensuring their decent working conditions.
  3. Promotion of the employability of vulnerable groups. Collaborate with employability training entities for vulnerable groups, and promote hiring policies.
  4. Sustainability. Establish the necessary measures to know, control and improve the environmental aspects of our activity. Reduce the consumption of natural resources. Minimize the generation of waste by extending the useful life of resources. Ensure proper management of our waste.
  5. Local community. Reverse the economic development of the company in the community, valuing the hiring of local personnel and the purchase of local products. Collaborate with the administration, entities and groups that promote better management of our environment and the benefits of society.
  6. Communication. Promote communication with clients and other interested parties, seeking cooperation in the protection of the environment, the circular economy, and the promotion of the culture and traditions of our community.

The management of RESTOLEDO SL is responsible for complying with this policy, reviewing it every year and encouraging the participation of the team, clients and other actors to achieve their commitment.

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