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Environmental policy

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Hoteles Toledo's environmental policy

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world” (Eduardo Galeano).

Restoledo SL a small organization with the spirit of doing small things that contribute to a more sustainable world. We join the journey of change, we are committed to responsible management with our environment and the resources available to us, we aspire to do things better and become aware of the importance of small gestures.

We are committed to:

  1. Comply with legal environmental requirements and any recommendation that improves our relationship with the environment.
  2. Incorporate environmental aspects in the decision-making process of Restoledo SL, as a differentiating aspect.
  3. Carry out control of energy consumption, reduce it through the application of innovative energy efficiency technologies.
  4. Water management - Carry out an exhaustive control of water consumption with the aim of making efficient use of it by incorporating new technologies.
  5. Waste management - Reduce waste generation and improve its management to facilitate and promote a circular economy throughout the hotel's entire life cycle. Likewise, pay special attention to minimizing food waste and eliminating single-use plastic items.
  6. Management of the proper use of materials and responsible purchasing - Optimize processes to reduce consumption and packaging, and work with suppliers to increase the positive impact of the supply chain. Prioritize the use of local, seasonal, certified, recycled and recyclable products, as part of a circular economy.
  7. Make our customers and suppliers aware of this policy and of environmental laws and regulations.
  8. Raise awareness and train our human capital, as the main asset in achieving environmental objectives.

The management of RESTOLEDO SL is responsible for complying with this policy, reviewing it every year and encouraging the participation of the team, clients and other actors to achieve their commitment.

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